Welcome back Scoundrels and Smugglers to the Star Wars Time Show! As always, we are here to navigate the asteroid field that is the Star Wars fandom. This week we cover a litany of rumors, some more announcements from Star Wars Celebration, and a few tidbits from Episode IX!

First up is the Top 5 Instagram shares of the week! Make sure to give these fantastic artists a follow on Instagram and support them in any way possible. Star Wars is what it is because of the fans, and we do everything we can here at the Star Wars Time Show to signal boost the creators out there.

Continuing on into the fandom section, we have some news about a new addition to Star Wars Battlefront II and the first set of Star Wars Celebration exclusive pins! If you are already a ticket holder for Celebration, you can pre-order these pins at the official Celebration website!

Next up is a discussion about all of the rumors surrounding the new shows that could be coming to Disney+. We have heard tons of speculation from around the internet about Disney+, but some of these ideas are pretty off the wall. What do you people think about a Darth Bane series?!? I know I’m a fan of that idea. I’m also down with the possibility of a Qi’ra centric show. Let’s hope for the best!

As usual, we move to the close of the show with the Episode IX news! There wasn’t much this week, but we do talk about a possible teaser for some big Episode IX news and the idea that the movie is really good.

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May the Force be with you, always.

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