Over the last few months, people in the Star Wars verse have heard about a new project with the working title of Grammar Rodeo. Today at Celebration 2022, the new project had some new light shed on it.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew starring Jude Law and a host of younger characters has been officially revealed and given a release date of sometime in 2023 on Disney Plus. Given the name and the look of the logo, it seems less likely that this story will be about a group of padawans and their Jedi Master as they make their way around the galaxy. The logo itself and the title give off small shuttle/cargo ship vibes. Perhaps a group of scavengers making their way through the galaxy trying to make a living that get caught up in a plot that is well above their paygrade?

In time more details will be released about Skeleton Crew, but for now, let the speculative juices flow!

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