While it’s been made official that Skeleton Crew won’t hit Disney+ now until sometime late in 2024, that doesn’t mean information won’t leak about it’s characters and plot. That’s exactly what happened today thanks to the sleuth over at BespinBulletin, who has a scoop on one of the main kid character’s name.

If you haven’t seen the leaked trailer for Skeleton Crew you will have to use your imagination here, or go read BB’s synopsis below, but in it a small Max Rebo-like alien character is featured, and apparently he will be one of the main kid cast members that gets swept up on a wild journey throughout the galaxy.

According to Bespin Bulletin, this Ortolan’s name is NEEL. BB isn’t sure that is how it is spelled, but is confident that it is pronounced as NEIL. If you think about it, it’s a killer name for an alien child character. It just seems so common and casual for such a unique looking little dude.


MakingStarWars via Reddit has shared another Skeleton Crew character name, and according to him, this character will be the main little kid, similar to Mickey from The Goonies. This character’s name will be Whim, and he will be played by Ravi Cabot-Conyers.

If Skeleton Crew really is going to not release for close to a year, then it may be a while before fans get the Celebration footage described below, but in the meantime, if you want an idea of what the series will entail, check out BB’s detailed recap below.

Skeleton Crew Celebration Trailer Breakdown

The trailer begins with a group of school kids in class being taught by a droid. We see the character played by Ravi Cabot-Conyers, who looks to be the lead of the group of kids, seemingly bored with life, looking longingly in his class room and seeking adventure. As the trailer progresses we hear voiceovers from the various kids discussing going on an adventure, as we see shots of some of the kids riding Speeder Bikes through a forest. An Ortolan child (Neel) is seen opening up a garage door at dusk, along with quick glimpses of the characters played by Ryan Keira Armstrong and Kyriana Kratter, the latter of which is sporting a visor of some kind. They take their bikes at the dead of night and venture out into the unknown full of glee. 

The next morning, the father of at least one of the children, played by Tunde Abebimpe, calls out for the kids and realises the children have gone missing as we see the group of children discover a ship and take it off world. The Lucasfilm logo appears as we hear the children call out for their father. The trailer intercuts with shots of the parents played by the aforementioned Abebimpe and Kerry Condon, trying to find their children in various ways, as Condon’s character stresses that something is very wrong. We see glimpses of the kids flying in their commandeered space ship through the galaxy and the group running through a market of some kind.

We see shots of the pirate Vane, from The Mandalorian, picking up a blaster at a bar and enter a ship, perhaps the ones the kids are one, along with other pirates. We get a hologram of Kerry Condon’s character asking the kids to return home as they watch on. As the trailer races towards its end, we see the pirates opening fire, the children playing with a friendly droid, a skeleton on a ship, along with worried shots of the children’s parents.

The final shots of the trailer shows the kids seemingly in a jail cell of some sort, where they meet Jude Law, who is donned in Jedi robes, and uses the force to lift a key and unlock them from their cell. The Skeleton Crew title card appears and is quickly followed by flashes of Jude Law piloting the children’s ship, x-wings, pirates firing blasters on a ship and Jude Law in new clothes including a deep v-neck baby blue shirt and a leather jacket as he walks away from the children’s ship.

Bespin Bulletin

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