It was revealed at Star Wars Celebration that the second season of Star Wars Resistance will pick up immediately after where the first season ended, as in zero time will have past. We also know a bit of what will go down in the first episode thanks to a preview of it from a Resistance panel.

If you do not want any SPOILERS, then do not proceed with the episode summary below.

Fans will rejoin Kaz and company in hyperspace as the Colossus hurls itself towards an unknown destination as soon as the show returns. The first episode will feature the heroes trying to fix the artificial gravity on the Colossus, which has gone haywire thanks to a First Order spy that is on board. It sounds like this spy will be the little First Order BB unit that was featured throughout Season 1, and it also sounds like CB-23 and this droid may get into a ball droid brawl!

The episode will also check in on Tam, who is apparently fully embracing her new First Order family. Based on the preview, Tam’s desire to be a pilot is what Tierney and the Order will use to keep driving her to their way of thinking, so I do think she’ll play a main role in hunting down the Colossus for the First Order this season.

Captain Doza and Yeager are also in the episode, but their attempts to contact the Resistance are failing, because the D’Qar base has been blown the F up, so Season 2 will most definitely take place during the events of The Last Jedi.

The show is set to return this fall on Disney XD, so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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