Star Wars Resistance dropped a two-parter on us as it sprints its way to its finale, so I lumped both into my latest Easter egg breakdown for the series.

Check out all of the Easter eggs and references found in “The New World” and “No Place Safe” below.


Hey now Resistance fans, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to breakdown the easter eggs and references found in Star Wars Resistance, The New World and No Safe Place, aka S2E15 and 16, yeah we got a two parter folks. 

I’ll start with The New World, which was rather devoid of eggs, but had some moments of note if anything else. 

Up first, I wouldn’t call it an egg, as it’s more of a reference to a Resistance plot point, but we learn that Griff was under Doza’s command in the Empire, and that Doza is the one that brought him with him when he left Palp’s faction. Cool lore nugget if anything else. 

We then get to see an old Rebel outpost, which has a familiar looking command table, screens, and of course the Rebel crest. 

And the final item of note for the first part of this two part story is a non Star Wars egg, but a very iconic one if you got into Game of Thrones, because I swear the Aeosian’s horn blasts sounded identical to those used at Castle Black to warn of Whitewalkers. You know, buduuuuuuu, buduuuuuuuuuuuuuaaa.

Alright, so onto No Place Safe, which had more clear eggs, but still was lacking in an abundance of them. Up first, is a cool nod to a scene from Empire when the First Order unleashes a mess of probe droids to scout for the Colossus, just like the Empire did to scout for the Rebels.

We learn that Kaz is going to go join the Resistance, and he mentions meeting up on Batuu, the location featured in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, and in novels. I believe this may hint that the show has caught up to the events of The Last Jedi, or is getting very close, because Kaz also mentions working with Poe again, who would be indisposed if TLJ’s plot was still playing out at this time.

In fact, this episode’s final item of note adds even more fuel to my timeline theory, because after Pyre loses the Colossus yet again, Tierney implies he should be worry about Hux’s backlash, but Pyre cautiously explains that he’s not worried about Hux, which could imply that Kylo is now the Supreme Leader, and Pyre fears his reprisal. 

Although, the fact that Pyre’s ship can’t follow the Colossus through hyperspace is odd, because by this time the First Order should have that tech, so my timeline predictions could very well be off, and I’m sure you all will let me know about it below. 

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Star Wars Resistance: The New World and No Place Safe Easter Eggs And References 

  1. Griff’s Imperial Past revealed (Self-ref to his and Doza’s time in the Empire)
  2. Rebel outpost on Aeos (Similar situation room to ANH)
  3. Game of Thrones Castle Black horn (Aeosians are huge GOT fans)
  4. First Order Orbital Probes (Similar launch and design as IPs featured in ESB)
  5. Kaz headed to Batuu (Planet featured at Galaxy’s Edge)
  6. Pyre hints at rise of Kylo Ren (Speculating that timeline has caught up to TLJ events)

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