We continue our episode Easter egg breakdown series for Star Wars Resistance with its latest entry, “The Engineer”. Season 2, Episode 5 featured seven Easter eggs/Star Wars franchise references, making it the most nostalgic episode of the show’s second season.

Most of the items of note are references, and two of them are references to Resistance moments, but there are two concrete eggs as well, so it was a good episode for providing callbacks to other Star Wars properties.

You can see the seven moments of note below!

Star Wars Resistance: The Engineer Easter Eggs And References

  1. Neeku asks Kaz to not disintegrate anyone (Reference to ESB when Vader warns Boba Fett of NO DISINTEGRATIONS!)
  2. When Neeku fixes a system on the bridge it sounds like a Sith Probe Droid (Audible egg to Darth Maul’s probe droids activating in TPM)
  3. Neeku’s parents are bantha herders (Reference to Star Wars beasts first made famous in ANH)
  4. Neena was a Hutt cartel slave (Reference to Hutt cartel and their slaves, similar to Anakin’s upbringing)
  5. CB busts Kaz’s balls over his Great Pilot in the Galaxy line (Reference to ongoing show gag first referenced in series premiere)
  6. R2 unit on the Colossus (Egg for R2 droids, namely the R2-D2 variety)
  7. Neeku mentions his old buddy Bibo (Reference to a character and episode from Resistance S1)

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