Star Wars Resistance continued this week with “Hunt on Celsor 3”, which is the fourth episode of the show’s second and final season. This is definitely a pretty basic episode of the show, and it only focuses on the Colossus plot thread, so it leaves Tam and the First Order behind in favor of a somewhat throw away adventure.

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Hey now fans of Star Wars Resistance, Matt Heywood here to recap and review the latest episode of the show, Hunt on Celsor 3, which clocks in at S2E4.

The episode begins with the Colossus residents getting ready to mutiny over the fact that the ship is out of food and drink. Doza is doing his best to calm everyone’s fears, but Aunt Z leads the charge for leaving the Colossus, which Neeku curiously joins. 

This new issue for Doza presents an opportunity for the pirates to undermine his authority, so Kragen begins to hatch a plan. 

After her tantrum, Kaz and Torra try to talk Aunt Z out of leaving, and she tells them she’ll stay if they capture the Jakoosk, the big Manta-Whale-Shark beast from last episode, so she can have food stores for her cantina. 

While Kaz and Torra balk at the idea, Kragen steps in to save the day, so his plan of undermining Doza begins.

Back in his office, Doza and Yeager are talking about the fact that people want to leave the Colossus. Doza thinks it may be for the best due to the lack of resources, but Yeager explains that he has to protect everyone in this time of war. 

Torra and Kaz show up to explain Kragen’s plan, and she tells Doza to let her and Kaz assist, so the residents see that Doza is trying to help get them food, and he obliges. 

The Pirates, Kaz, and Torra head out for the hunt, and the Pirates begin dropping detonators into the atmosphere to rouse the beast. 

They indeed wake it, so it begins to chase the pirate skiffs down. Kragen orders his crew to start blasting it, but Kaz warns him the shots will do no harm. 

Kragen pushes forward with his attack, which only angers the Jakoosk to the point of it destroying 3 of the pirate skiffs that were hunting it. 

This causes Synara to convince Kragen to retreat from the hunt. 

Back on the Colossus, Kragen explains to Aunt Z that the beast got away because Doza let Kaz and Torra go on the mission, so he continues to undermine the good captain. This does cause Aunt Z to threaten to leave again, so Torra and Kaz go tell Doza the bad news. 

Dejected, Torra and Kaz head to her room for a quick make out session, oh wait, just kidding, they head there to talk about a new plan. After some deliberation, they decide to use a canon Tam was making for the Fireball on the beast, because they can use it on the ground and shoot at the Jakoosk’s soft underbelly to kill it. 

The two fly back out to Celsor 3, but Kaz finds Buggles stowed away in his cockpit. Upon landing, Torra and Kaz lose buggles because he’s a ding dong, but before they can search for him, the Jakoosk awakes and begins taking off right where they landed.

Two pirates from the earlier hunt appear, but rather than help Kaz and Torra, they steal their ships and fly off like any good pirates would.

At this point the Jakoosk is hellbent on eating Kaz, Torra, CB, and Buggles, so Kaz fights with the canon to try and shoot it down. 

The beast breaks the Canon’s battery, so Kaz plugs it into CB and fires the canon just before Buggles gets eaten. 

Kaz has become a hunter!

Back on the Colossus everyone is happy now that they’re getting fed, so Aunt Z pledges to stay. Synara makes the pirates apologize for being themselves, and Neeku made himself a Star Trek holodeck to create the illusion that Aunt Z’s is outside on the deck of the Colossus, so it truly is Miller Time for everyone. 

The end.


I’m not going to lie, this episode was pretty ho-hum. 

I mean it didn’t even bother to touch in on the Tam plot thread, so while it resolved its own little plot that reinforced that Kaz is a clumsy hero who needs all stars like Torra to make him look good most of the time, it did nothing to expand upon the galactic wide conflict that the rest of the Star Wars universe is embroiled in currently.

And that’s my favorite part of Star Wars Resistance. I love its characters and the world they live in, but they all get much more enhanced when episodes features content that ties back to what is going on in the Skywalker Saga in some form or fashion. 

This episode skipped all of those ties in favor of a pretty basic plot involving the shadiness of Pirates, and the investigative, hero-esque bond Torra and Kaz share. 

I do like seeing these two work together, and Torra has definitely become a featured character this season thanks to Tam’s betrayal. I also wouldn’t mind seeing these two shipped, but I appreciate their tales much more when they add a bit to the overall plot of the show, which is the Resistance being on the run from the First Order. 

For some reason this episode forgot all about that major thread, so to me it was a bit of a misstep in this second and final season. 

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Review Summary

Story - 5
Voice Acting - 8.5
Entertainment Value - 4


"Hunt on Celsor 3" could may well be the weakest episode of this series, mostly because it completely avoids the main plot threads and opts for a self-contained plot.

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