The lack of awesome Easter eggs and Star Wars franchise references continues in the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, which is titled, “Hunt on Celsor 3”.

While I cooked up four items of note, I’d say maybe one is brand new at best, because the others are stretches, or rehashes of eggs and references I’ve already mentioned, but have since deleted in my mind do to a number of reasons. The episode is general was pretty basic, so it’s no surprise that it was lacking in little surprises for fans to pick up on.

You can see which ones I mention in the video below.

Star Wars Resistance: Live Fire Easter Eggs And References

  1. Pirate skiff fashioned out of old TIE Interceptor wings (Egg from Age of Rebellion)
  2. Torra’s Age of Rebellion collectibles: Boush Bounty Hunter, Stormtrooper, and T-16 Skyhopper collectibles (Eggs from Age of Rebellion)
  3. Fireball’s cockpit door is same as the one on X-Wings (Egg from Age of Rebellion and Resistance)
  4. Neeku creates a holodeck-like projector (Reference to Star Trek franchise ;))

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