The final season of Star Wars Resistance continued in a rather excellent episode titled, “A Quick Salvage Run”, which also happened to have five Star Wars Easter Eggs and/or franchise references. One of which I consider to be a fantastic egg and tie-in into the Age of Resistance Skywalker films, as it provided a direct follow up moment to The Last Jedi’s awesome opening action sequence.

There are a few other eggs/references too that Star Wars fans will enjoy, but the return to D’Qar really featured a great narrative based basket of eggs, so head on down below to check them all out.

Star Wars Resistance: A Quick Salvage Run Easter Eggs And References

  1. First Order pilots discussing models of ships/speeders/etc – (Reference to similar moment in A New Hope when Stormtroopers discuss new models while Old Ben shuts off the tractor beam)
  2. Battle of D’Qar fallout – (Easter Eggs to opening scene in The Last Jedi)
  3. Dangers of agitated Coaxium – (Reference to Solo train sequence and intro of unstable Coaxium)
  4. Pirate with a Scout Trooper helmet – (Easter egg to Age of Rebellion era)
  5. Pyre mentions Tam needing First Order conditioning – (Reference to a scene in TFA with Phasma and Hux over Finn’s conditioning)

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