Star Wars Resistance continued its focus on the whole First Order versus the Resistance plot thread in “The Missing Agent”, which also ended with a solid cliffhanger, setting this narrative up as a two parter.

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Hey now fans of the Resistance, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to recap and review Star Wars Resistance: The Missing Agent, aka, S2E12.

The episode begins with a Resistance agent on the run from someone, so he sends out a distress signal before said someone, who appears to be a bounty hunter, slices his door open and blasts his ball droid. 

Meanwhile, on the Colossus, Kaz receives the distress signal and begs Doza to let him investigate it. Yeager also wants to check it out, so Doza reluctantly agrees to allow them to do so. 

Kaz, Yeager, and Sinara head down to the space port where the signal originated from, and begin to look around for it. They run into a dealer named Lee-Chee who doesn’t give them anything to work with, but when they leave he sends out a call to alert someone of their presence, and that someone is more than likely the same person who hunted down the Resistance agent. 

The good guys eventually find the signal and investigate the agents home where Kaz finds a data rod full of First Order contacts and sympathizers, so he has CB load it into her memory banks. They also learn that the agent’s name is Norvath, but before they can leave, the Bounty Hunter shows up, who’s name is Axe, and prepares to fight Yeager and Kaz. 

Luckily for them, Sinara shows up and fights Axe, which allows Yeager and Kaz to get away. Sinara eventually loses Axe, so she joins up with Kaz and Yeager to hatch out a new plan to find Norvath.

They hit up Lee-Chee for selling out Norvath, and he eventually gives them some intel after Kaz and CB hilariously try to torture him. 

Yeager, Kaz, and Sinara use the intel to find Axe’s ship, and then the two dudes sneak on board to find Norvath, which they do, but then they get ensnared in a trap. 

Axe calls Pyre to let him know that he has captured a Resistance cell, and once Pyre hears Kaz’s name, he promises to come meet Axe for the bounties. 

While this is going on, he takes off with the good guys as his bounties, so Kaz and CB try to sabotage his ship, while Sinara follows after them on a speeder bike. 

Thanks to CB, the ship crashes and the good guys get out, but as they’re walking away, Axe starts shooting at them, so a firefight breaks out. Just when it seems as if Axe has Yeager and Kaz beat, Sinara shows up and kicks his ass long enough to allow Kaz and Norvath to escape. 

Yeager and Sinara continue to pile on Axe, but he extends his electro-ax weapon and strikes the ground with an explosive force, but before we see what happens to the three fighters, the action shifts back to Kaz and Norvath, who see the explosion and call out to Yeager over the com link, but he doesn’t answer. 

Kaz calls to Doza for help, but he lets Kaz know that the First Order has already arrived, and that they’re all royally screwed.

The End.


This was a pretty frantic episode of Star Wars Resistance, and one of its most dark in terms of tone, so I dug the new approach, which started with a great chase scene to give it an air of mystery from the get go. 

I really enjoyed the fact that this episode continued on with the First Order/Resistance plot thread, and showed Kaz and friends doing very Resistance like things. It definitely made them all feel like legit members of the movement, which is something that can’t be said all the time while watching new episodes of this show. 

Axe, if that’s his name, also turned out to be a really badass new side character, who looked like a boss, but also fought like one too. He definitely didn’t come off as a slouch, and the fact that he’s going to make it to two episodes means he’s as legit as side characters get. Not to mention the fact that he gave Sinara more scenes to show off her own badassness, so I was a fan to see her used as a competent warrior yet again. 

It was fun to get a cliffhanger as well, which is something this show doesn’t typically employ, so it’ll be exciting to see how this two parter plays out next week. 

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Review Summary

Story - 8
Voice Acting - 8.5
Entertainment Value - 8.2


Resistance keeps the First Order versus the Resistance plot thread in full focus in "The Missing Agent", which sets up an interesting cliffhanger to round out its tale.

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