Star Wars Resistance isn’t taking a break for the Holiday season, so neither shall I in my pursuit to breakdown the Easter eggs and Star Wars references presented in each new one.

Below you can find my egg recap for Star Wars Resistance: The Missing Agent!


Hey now fans of the Resistance, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to breakdown all of the easter eggs and star Wars references found in Star Wars Resistance: The Missing Agent, aka, S1E12.

Up first is Axe the bounty hunter, who seems to be the same species as Sasee Tiin, who is an Iktotchi, and a horrible Jedi Master. At least when it comes to killing Sith Lords. 

We get another familiar alien species for our next egg in the form of Lee-Chee, who is a Gran, just like our buddy Ree-Yees from ROTJ.

Our final item of note is a cheeky one, because it involves some familiar audio, CB, and a scene from A New Hope. I swear when CB is asked to lightly torture Lee-Chee, we can hear the same sound the Death Star interrogation droid makes as it approaches Leia.

That’s all I’ve got, so let me know what I missed by leaving a comment below. 

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Star Wars Resistance: Station to Station Easter Eggs And References

  1. Axe the Bounty Hunter is an Iktotchi, the same species as Sassee Tiin (Jedi Master from Prequels)
  2. Lee-Chee is a Gran, the same species as Ree-Yees from ROTJ (What he said)
  3. CB interruption scene mirrors the one from ANH (Again, what he said)

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