Star Wars Resistance is back for its second and final season, so just like with Season 1, we will be providing an Easter egg/References breakdown, as well as a recap and review of each episode.

In general, this episode was pretty basic, but it still reminded me as to why I like this series in the first place. Kaz is back to being a klutz while his friends always make him look heroic, and you have to like the slow burn approach to Tam’s new role with the First Order, and her inevitable showdown with Team Kaz. Although, nothing too major happens in this episode, so it wasn’t that exciting or dramatic.

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“Hey now fans of Resistance, Matt Heywood here to recap and review the first episode of the show’s second and final season, which is titled, “Into the Unknown”.

The episode begins with Captain Phasma grilling Pyre about what happened on Castellon with the Colossus. He explains they got got, and that the Resistance helped the fueling station escape. Phasma is none to pleased, and threatens Pyre and Tierney with their lives if they don’t find the Colossus soon. 

At this time Tam walks onto the Bridge, and Pyre welcomes her traitorous ass to the First Order.

Back on the Colossus, Kaz and Neeku are trying to figure out how far they are from the Resistance base on D’Quar, but considering they’re both kind of bozos, they head off to Doza’s office to figure out where they’re at, and if they can help repair the ship. 

Doza shows off the Colossus’ newly opened bridge, where Yeager and Torra are helping Doza to diagnose a string of system failures. They find out that they’re only 3 parsecs away from D’Quar, but they can’t reach out to the Resistance because comms are down. They also get hit with a gravity system failure, so Kaz, Neeku, CB, and Torra head out to diagnose this new issue. 

The gang come across the Chellidie, you know the turtle people, who are all hidden in their shells due to some threat they sense, so they don’t help Kaz and crew with the repairs they need to make, but the reason they’re hiding is soon revealed when the First Order ball droid peers from the shadows and follows our heroes on to their next mission.

Torra and Kaz send CB off to fix some sensors, but she’s ambushed by the bad droid and taken out. Meanwhile, Kaz temporarily fixes the gravity system, but it’s too strong, so he has to flip it off and on again, which makes things very interesting for the Colossus residents hanging at Aunt Z’s bar. 

Meanwhile, back on a First Order Star Destroyer, Tam fully pledges herself to Tierney and the First Order, and she is enlisted as a pilot with a DT-533 call sign. Bad Tam.

Torra and Kaz send Neeku to check on CB, but he soon finds her in pieces, and is attacked himself by the very Xenomorph like First Order ball droid. 

Due to him being delayed, Kaz and Torra go look for Neeku, and they find him and the evil droid, who in turn begins attacking them. 

Kaz and Torra, well Torra really, get away from the ball droid and hide while it heads towards a comm relay to send a message back to Castellon to try and contact the First Order. Naturally, Kaz and Torra go after it once more, and while Kaz fights the droid with CB, who was rebuilt by a tied up Neeku, Torra kills the communication channel. 

They all continue to fight with the ball droid as they make their way to an airlock. At this moment, they channel Ripley from Aliens, and use the airlock to suck the little bad ball out into the vacuum of space. 

The episode concludes with Tam getting a message from Kaz pleading with her to hear him out, but she shuts it off and dons her TIE Pilot helmet to complete her transition from friend to foe. 

The end!

The return of Star Wars Resistance was a bit of a ho-hum experience, because while it was great to check back in with Kaz and the gang, this episode was mostly forgettable, but at least it kind of showed where the season would go with Tam’s new role, and an inevitable showdown with her former friends. 

I did enjoy all of the Kaz hijinks in this episode though, because it helped to remind us how klutzy of a hero he truly is, even though he pulled off some big boy heroics towards the end of Season 1. He’s just a doofus, at least physically, but that’s why we love the guy. 

It was cool to see Torra becoming more of a main character and companion for Kaz on his adventures, and I think her role will only grow this season now that Tam is gone. She’s a good foil for Kaz, and definitely helps him to shine in his own Kazian ways. 

Finally, I really loved how the First Order droid was used in this episode. It really felt like the writers were going with an Alien movie feel, especially by having this little guy stalk people in dark ship corridors, and of course they way he’s taken out is very Aliens inspired. 

Overall though, this season premiere was a little lacking, but still a nice reintroduction to the Resistance cast.

Thanks for watching, I’m Matt Heywood signing off for the Star Wars Time Show, because there’s always time for Star Wars Time! And remember, if you listen to the Star Wars Time Show, the Force will be with you, always.”

Review Summary

Story - 6
Voice Acting - 9
Entertainment Value - 5



"Into the Unknown" is mostly a setup episode for the season, so the action is a bit slow, and the events are mostly uneventful, although, seeds are planted for some intriguing plot threads that will sprout later on in this season.

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