The latest episode of Star Wars Resistance — “The Platform Classic” — opted to skip out on adding to Kaz’s spy mission for the Resistance, which ultimately led to it not being as exciting as the previous two episodes. In fact, I would call this episode a self-contained one, because outside of adding a new wrinkle to Yeager’s past, it didn’t evolve this Season’s main plot arc in the least. It ignored Kaz’s mission altogether in favor of giving Yeager a spot in the starring role, which provided for a bit more backstory on him, and a fun race to take in if anything else.

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Hey now Team Fireball, Matt Heywood here from to recap and review the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, which is titled, “The Platform Classic”.

The episode begins in earnest when Yeager and his mechanics are called to Doza’s office to talk about an opportunity. It’s revealed that this opportunity is for Yeager to race in the Platform Classic against Marcus Speedstar, a famous racer who also happens to be Yeager’s brother.

It’s soon revealed that these two haven’t spoken in 10 years, so they have some beef, which gets revealed in subsequent scenes.

Yeager is hesitant to enter the race at first, but he eventually does to prove a point to Kaz and company.

We also learn that Marcus owes money to the Guavian Death Squad, so they take his mechanic as collateral, and demand that Marcus win the race to pay them back, or they’ll take out his help.

In need of a mechanic, Yeager sticks Marcus with his “best” mechanic, best is in air quotes by the way, because he’s referring to Kaz.

While working with Kaz marcus reveals to him that he and Yeager don’t talk anymore because he used rocket fuel to cheat in a race against him, and by doing so he hurt people and Yeager’s family, so that’s why he has major beef with him.

The two ultimately race, and it’s a good one, but Yeager is firmly in the lead. Marcus ultimately explains to him that he’s learned his lesson, and that he now looks out for others and not just himself, and that he has to win to pay a debt to save his mechanic. Yeager, sensing a change after the apology, allows Marcus to win, and then it’s Miller Time. Day saved.

I’ll be honest with you. I wasn’t a fan of this episode, most because like the fourth episode, it didn’t even remotely progress the show’s overarching main plot, which is Kaz’s spy mission.

The previous two episodes have really put that narrative in the spotlight, so when this episode ignored Kaz’s mission and the First Order completely, it felt like it halted the momentum that had just been built up.

It was interesting to learn more about what makes Yeager tick, and why he’s so angry, but overall the episode was mostly a self-contained one plot wise, so it didn’t really add that many new layers to the show’s main focus, which is Kaz spying for the Resistance.

Of course it was still fun to take in, I mean it’s Star Wars after all, but I was just a bit let down over the lack of main plot arc movement in The Platform Classic.

Thanks for watching, this is Matt Heywood signing off for Star Wars Time, where there’s always time for Star Wars Time.

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