The season finale episode for Star Wars Resistance has aired in the form of “No Escape, Part 2”, and hopefully you didn’t miss it, because it was one helluva finish to this animated series’ great first outing. It also packed in six Star Wars franchise Easter eggs and/or references, which get broken down in the video below.

The included items of note were pretty solid, outside of the first one, which is definitely one of my patented reaches, but it works, and I love the quote that it’s based on, so it is what it is. We got some good callbacks to Star Wars slang and a bit of Huttese trash talking, so the eggs in this episode were varied and covered all three main eras of the Star Wars franchise.

Head on down below to find out what items made the breakdown!

Star Wars Resistance: No Escape, Part 2 Easter Eggs And References

  1. Torra reports back, “Torra standing by” (Reference to Luke’s Red 5 standing by line from ANH)
  2. CB-23 drops an oil slick to save the day like R2 is known to do (Reference to R2’s heroics in ROTS)
  3. Kaz refers to First Order Troopers as Bucketheads (Reference to slang first used in The Clone Wars and then heavily in Star Wars Rebels and beyond)
  4. Freya refers to her attackers as Sleemoes (Reference to Huttese spoken by Anakin to Sebulba in TPM)
  5. Kaz mentions they need to go to D’qar, which is the Resistance base planet seen in TFA (Reference to TFA and TLJ location)
  6. The pirates have a Gammorean in their ranks (Egg for ROTJ)

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