The latest episode of Star Wars Resistance — “Descent” — offered up four items of note, but most of them I consider to be references over direct Easter eggs. It just seems now that the show is heading full steam towards its season finale, that the episodes are more fast paced, which doesn’t leave room for clever Easter eggs to be woven into the narrative, so most of what I’m finding these days are franchise references at best. Some would argue I’m stretching on making a few of these works, and I’d agree, but you can decide for yourself by checking out the video below.

Head on down below to check out the five Easter eggs and references for “Descent”.

Star Wars Resistance: Descent Easter Eggs And References

  1. Bucket provides a smokescreen to allow Team Fireball to escape, which is similar to what R2 did in The Empire Strikes Back on Bespin to reach the Falcon (Reference to similar moment in TESB)
  2. Agent Tierney mentions binders and how Tam’s should be removed, which is a reference to the binders Luke and Han put on Chewie in A New Hope (Reference to term/device from A New Hope)
  3. Cheeky callback to the Colossus’s janitor who can’t catch a break cleaning floors (Recurring background narrative from Star Wars Resistance)
  4. CB’s underwater jets sounds just like a Gungan Bongo (Audible reference to The Phantom Menace)

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