The latest episode of Star Wars Resistance wasn’t as action packed, or full of mystery as the past few, so while it was a bit slow, it did feature two pretty big revelations what will surely impact how the rest of this season plays out. Let’s just say it leaves our hero and his friends in a pickle, that will only lead to more chaos and intrigue, so it’s safe to say that Resistance is shifting from a spy thriller, to a full on action focused drama moving forward.

The episode didn’t have a ton of Easter eggs to discover, but there were three if you care to check them out.

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“Hey now Team Fireball, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to recap and review the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, The Disappeared, aka, S1E18.

The episode kicks off with a race, but Pyre is none too pleased and informs Doza that races may have to be cancelled for security purposes. Yeah, sure. 

Meanwhile, Kaz and crew are hanging in Aunt Z’s when a few Troopers come in and force her to have a recruitment holo-ad in her bar, to which she protests and puts a target on her back. 

Torra and her Pops discuss the seemingly never ending steam of Troopers hitting the platform and then Pyre arrives to tell Doza that he is cancelling races for the time being, and grounding the aces permanently, all under the guise of security. 

The Aces clearly are pissed at the news, but Hype takes it the worst and storms off while bitching about the First Order, big mistake, because the First order locks down his ship and we later find out they lock him up too.

Back at the Fireball shop Tham questions Kaz about damage to the ship from his dogfight with Vonreg from last episode, but he lies his way out of it. Although, Tham remains as suspicious of Kaz as ever, which will burn him in the end. 

Kaz and Tham continue to talk about the First Order in Aunt Z’s, and she defends them through and through, she’s clearly been fooled. BB-9E listens in and rats them out to the Troopers because he’s a jerk like that.

Torra and Kaz go look for Hype’s ship after the First Order told them he flew off. They find it so know that the First order is lying. They return to Aunt Z’s, and now she’s gone too, so they start to figure out that the First Order is taking citizens who talk smack against them. 

It’s revealed that Hype, Z, and other citizens are being held in crates to be shipped off the Colossus for openly talking about, and/or defying the First order.

Meanwhile, Kaz and Torra stumble upon Doza and Yeager plotting behind closed doors. Doza makes it clear that he knows the First Order is taking citizens who are revolting against them, so he and Yeager are trying to find a way to break the comms blackout. Meanwhile, they bless Kaz and Torra’s plan to go help those who have already been caught.

Kaz and Torra find Aunt Z and Hype and tell them that they all need to steal the transport they’re about to be shipped off on. With some teamwork they jack the ship, and Aunt Z flies to Takodana with Hype and the others to keep them safe. 

Kaz returns to the shop, but finds Pyre and a platoon of Troopers in there who basically have the whole gang under arrest. 

The End. 

I wouldn’t say this was a great episode of Resistance, because it was a bit slow, and not much really took place, but it did feature two very major moments that will impact the series moving forward, so it was still good for providing a bit of lore.

The whole plot of the episode of citizens being taken and shipped to god knows where wasn’t very interesting in itself, but thanks to two of its revelations, the rather generic plot got bolstered with some solid foreshadowing if anything else. 

The first moment I refer to is the revelation that Doza and Yeager are working together to take down the Comms blackout by the First Order so they can contact the Resistance for help. This signals that Doza fully knows what he got the Colossus into by letting the First Order run security, and he fully understands what their intentions are at this point. 

We’ve known Yeager to be in the know, and while he may still be the dark horse in terms of possibly being a First Order mole himself, seeing him teaming up with Doza really helped to push this show’s first season plot to the brink, so moving forward things are going to be quite dire now that Doza and other power players are recognizing the station has been lost to the order. 

The other major moment is of course the cliffhanger ending, which leaves Kaz, Yeager, Neeku, Tham, and CB in a tight spot with the First Order. For whatever reason, and I’m guessing that reason is Tham’s loose lips and mistrust of Kaz, the First Order has them under arrest, and there’s no real way to spin that moving forward, so from here on out it appears that Kaz and crew will be openly battling, escaping, undermining, etc, with the First Order, so the remaining episodes should be action packed and full of nerve wracking moments.

So while this episode as a whole might have felt a bit underwhelming, its events definitely have set things in motion that will undoubtedly lead to an explosive final run of episodes as Resistance winds its first season to a close. 

Thanks for watching, I’m Matt Heywood from the Star Wars Time Show, where there’s always time for Star Wars Time. May the Force be with you, always.”

Review Summary

Story - 7.5
Entertainment Value - 6



While I'll never say an episode of Resistance can be skipped, this one in particular felt a bit weak overall compared to the last few, but it offers up a few revelations that still make it worth checking out.

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