The latest episode of Star Wars Resistance — “The Disappeared” — offered up only three scenes of interest in terms of Easter eggs and/or Star Wars franchise reference potential, so this week’s breakdown is short and sweet.

Although, the three that we did get provided solid nods to the new trilogy, as well as setting up potential future interactions with characters from that trilogy, so while they were low in numbers, the eggs/references had some weight to them if anything else. One also directly ties a character that was created in this show, to a character created for the new trilogy in Maz Kanata, so when lore can be woven like that I’m always a fan.

Head on down below to check out the five Easter eggs and references for “The Disappeared”.

Star Wars Resistance: The Disappeared Easter Eggs And References

  1. First Order Trooper transports arriving at the Colossus (Easter egg from The Force Awakens)
  2. Tham finds carbon scoring on the Fireball implying it has been in a battle just like Luke did while cleaning R2 in A New Hope (Reference from A New Hope)
  3. Aunt Z says she’s flying to Takodana to meet an old friend who we all know is Maz Kanata (Reference to The Force Awakens)

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