The latest episode of Star Wars Resistance — “The Core Problem” — offered up seven items of interest, including one Easter Egg from The Force Awakens that I consider to be one of the coolest eggs featured in this series.

There’s another that provides eye opening insights into the show itself, so overall, I was pleased with this week’s little nuggets and references that were packed into S1E17. In fact, thanks to one subtle reference, we may have learned more about where Kel and Eila came from, as well as why the First Order was hunting them down. We also now know why Poe didn’t have his black X-Wing on Jakku when he met with Lor San Tekka.

Head on down below to check out the five Easter eggs and references for “The New Trooper”.

Star Wars Resistance: The Core Problem Easter Eggs And References

  1. Poe brings up Kaz’s greatest pilot in the galaxy gaffe from the pilot episode (Resistance reference)
  2. Fireball backfires sound like the Falcon and Anakin’s pod racer failing (Audible reference to ESB and TPM)
  3. Poe and Kaz mention how a system’s star is gone hinting at Starkiller Base testing (Reference to TFA)
  4. First Order probe droid very similar to Imperial probe droid (Egg/Reference to ESB)
  5. Tehar kids symbol on building where Poe and Kaz land (Egg to SWR)
  6. Like we’re being watched line from Poe (Audible reference to ESB)
  7. Poe’s X-Wing on Jakku (Egg to TFA)

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