The latest episode of Star Wars Resistance — “The New Trooper” — offered up five items of interest when it comes to our weekly Easter egg and Star Wars franchise breakdown video series, but I wouldn’t call any of them overly awesome. In fact, most were just references to moments from other Star Wars properties, and one I take many liberties with, so this episode required a bit of work and creativity to generate a decent list of items that only hardcore Star Wars fans would understand.

The main plot, or at least one of its threads is essentially a callback to a trick Luke and Han used in A New Hope, which offers up the juiciest of references in this episode. I also contend that we get to see BB-9E for the first time, or at least a relative, if anything else, there’s a First Order droid who has an identical temperament and bullshit meter to BB-9E from TLJ.

Head on down below to check out the five Easter eggs and references for “The New Trooper”.

Star Wars Resistance: The New Trooper Easter Eggs And References

  1. Yeager talks about the Empire (Original Trilogy reference)
  2. Kaz dons Trooper armor like Luke and Han did (A New Hope reference)
  3. BB-9E-ish makes er, an appearance, sorta (The Last Jedi egg)
  4. Pyre brings up Doza’s Imperial past (Original Trilogy reference)
  5. Pyre wants Kaz to be reconditioned (The Force Awakens reference)

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