The latest episode of Star Wars Resistance — “The First Order Occupation” — offered up four items of note for those that like to hunt for Star Wars Easter eggs and franchise references. Out of the four I found I’d classify three of them as Easter eggs, and the other as a franchise reference, although, none of them were that exciting to stumble upon.

One of the four nods to all things Star Wars could classify as both an audible and visual egg, because it featured an identical sound used in A New Hope, as well as very similarly designed vehicles. One of the eggs is also from the series itself, which is due to a callback to a monster featured earlier this season.

Head on down below to check out the five Easter eggs and references for The First Order Occupation.

Star Wars Resistance: The First Order Occupation Easter Eggs And References

  1. First Order Trooper commands a citizen whose ID he checked to “Move Along” – (A New Hope audible egg)
  2. Kaz tells Synara he’s shipping her to Takodana – (The Force Awakens reference)
  3. The escape pod bay, launch sound, and pod design are all similar if not identical to the escape bod bay 3PO and R2 use – (A New Hope audible and visual egg)
  4. Synara floats past the Rokkna underwater – (Star Wars Resistance visual egg)

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