Star Wars Resistance fans, don’t get too excited for our Easter Eggs and Franchise References breakdown video for the latest episode of the show, which is titled, “Dangerous Business”. The reason for not getting jacked is quite simple, this episode, above all others, was nearly devoid of Easter eggs and references, but with a little imagination I cooked up one reference, while the only other was a direct reference to an alien species first encountered in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

It was a chore to come up with something to cover in this week’s video breakdown, but I hope you other fans will at least smile at the backflips I do to justify the one imaginative reach of a reference. The other was overtly obvious, but considering the aliens it references, Star Wars fans would probably prefer me rambling on about my other reach.

Head on down below to check the two references out!

Star Wars Resistance: Dangerous Business Easter Eggs And References

  1. BB-8 gets heroic with a Skywalker-esque rope swing
  2. Flix mentions he’s part Gungan and we all know who’s the most famous Gungan of all

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