Star Wars Resistance is out of its midseason break, so a new episode debuted in the form of “Bibo”. As expected, this episode provided a fairly safe return to the series, so it avoided touching on the whole First Order narrative completely. In fact, this is one of those Resistance episodes that is mostly self-contained in terms of its plot and the lack of adding much to the season’s overarching plot of Kaz’s Resistance mission.

Although, it did offer up a few more insights into Synara’s own spy mission, and how she knows Kaz isn’t who he says he is, so while the episode mostly avoided adding layers to the main season narrative, it still provided a few nuggets that will surely payoff later in the season.

You can check out the full recap and review below via the video, or you can read the video script embedded after it.

“Hey now Team Fireball fans, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to recap and review the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, which is titled Bibo. 

The episode begins with Kaz and Neeku looking for parts in Sinara’s salvage yard. While looking for parts Neeku finds a little slug like creature that he keeps for a pet and names Bibo. This will have grave consequences moving forward. 

Neeku and Kaz bring Bibo back to Yeager’s shop, but it smells like space poo and eats ship parts, so Yeager is none too thrilled. Kaz heads back to Sinara’s to get away from the smell and to, let’s be honest, flirt a bit. 

It’s revealed to us that Synara is still spying for the pirates, and she is also given more information about Poe and the other pilot who saved her, who is Kaz. When Kaz shows up the two head out to salvage.

While this is going on Yeager gets fed up with Bibo and threatens Neeku to get rid of him. Neeku instead says he quits, so he runs off in sadness to look for Bibo.

Meanwhile, Synara tries to get some information out of Kaz because she knows he’s hiding something, but before she can press him further, a huge ocean monster interrupts them as it heads towards the Colossus. 

Tham finds Neeku and consoles him, but then Yeager calls with a  tip about Bibo’s whereabouts, so they head off to engineering. 

Here Neeku finds Bibo, who has been found by the lost kids from a few episodes back, Kel and A-La, as well as the shell people we’ve met before. A-La tells everyone that something bad will happen and that Bibo is a sign of that bad thing, and just after her foreshadowing, Kaz and Synara return with the ocean monster hot on their heels. 

Doza unleashes the Aces and Synara convinces Kaz to join in the fray with the Fireball, so they all head off for an air assault. 

While that battle is going on, Neeku finally figures out that the monster wants Bibo because Bibo is its baby, so he goes top side and hands Bibo over. The monster is appeased, and goes away, so Kaz and Neeku saved the day. Miller Time. 

While this episode provided a safe and fun return for Star Wars Resistance, it didn’t really offer up anything meaty in terms of the show’s main plot, which is Kaz’s mission to discover what the First Order wants the Colossus for. 

I didn’t think this midseason return episode would dive back into this core plot though, so I wasn’t surprised that it was more of a self-contained episode, than a return to the First Order plot. 

I did appreciate how Synara was brought back into the fold, and how she’s starting to figure out that Kaz is more than meets the eye. I think this little thread has plenty of legs left, and I do think their relationship is headed for a fork in the road type of moment. 

This episode also showcased Kaz’s dormant heroism too. Kaz has mostly been a bit of a fool’s hero in that he kind of stumbles into doing heroic things, but in this episode, namely when he commands the Fireball, he really starts to feel like a true Star Wars hero type of character. If anything, this episode just added a new layer to the character of Kaz, and I like him more now than ever. 

Thanks for watching, Matt Heywood here signing off for the Star Wars Time Show, because there’s always time for Star Wars Time.”

Review Summary

Story - 7.5
Cinematography - 8.5
Sound - 8.5
Voice Acting - 9
Entertainment Value - 8



Star Wars Resistance is back, but "Bibo" didn't really add much to the whole First Order plot. With that being said, it was still a fun return to the series after its midseason break.

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