Star Wars Resistance has returned from its midseason break, so it’s time to fire up our trusty Easter Egg and Franchise Reference breakdown video series! The episode, which is titled, “Bibo”, was rather light in terms of Easter Eggs, but it did have three auditory references that have been heard in other Star Wars properties, as well as an homage to an iconic shot from The Empire Strikes Back.

Like I said, a few I had to get creative with, especially the audio ones, but if you pull up the sounds I’ve highlighted, I think you’ll agree that my reaches actually do make some sort of sense. Anyway, you can get on with the Easter Egg and Franchise reference breakdown below.

Star Wars Resistance: Bibo Easter Eggs And References

  1. Sinara salvages a Clone Wars Z-95 starfighter
  2. Colossus security droid lasers sound identical to B2 Battle Droid lasers and both shoot them out of their arms
  3. The Colossus pirate alarm makes same sound as the Death Star “under attack” alarm
  4. When Hype fires his missiles they sound identical to when Anakin fires the Naboo Starfighter’s missiles in The Phantom Menace
  5. Neeku, Tham, Yeager, and Bucket recreate the iconic Twin and Droids scene from ESB

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