Hey there Team Fireballers, it’s time for another Easter Egg and Star Wars franchise references breakdown for the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, which is titled, “The Platform Classic”.

I’ll be honest with you Star Wars fans, this particular episode was rather devoid of clear Easter eggs and references, so I had to dig deep for most of the six items of note that I marked down while watching the episode play out. The episode itself wasn’t the best, which may have led to it not being loaded with little nuggets of Star Wars awesome to pick up. Either way though, it’s still a fun show to watch, and I think the main plot will be thrust into the forefront again next week after taking a backseat for some Yeager character development in this episode.

The interesting items I did find do span the original trilogy and prequel eras, but there’s also some new canon references, and a nod to Solo: A Star Wars Story. Head on down below to check them out.

Star Wars Resistance: The Platform Classic Easter Eggs And References

  1. Five Sabers race mentioned
  2. Zutton, Ithorian, and Guavian Death Gang members at Aunt Z’s
  3. TIE cockpit window used as a decoration in Aunt Z’s
  4. Hyper fuel (Coaxium) is mentioned
  5. Ace ship looks like Yoda’s from The Clone Wars
  6. Bar seats look like Millennium Falcon navigation chairs


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