According to Clayton Sendell, who is an ABC correspondent and self-described Star Wars side hustler, we will be getting legit details on Project Luminous on February 24, 2020.

Who knows what the announcement will be, but one would think it would flesh out exactly what Project Luminous is going to be about, and how many different forms of media will be involved to tell its various interconnected tales. There’s a good chance that a new video game could jumpstart Project Luminous, which in turn will have comics, books, and possibly new films to further flesh out the world and characters that are involved in Luminous.

As we reported earlier, Luminous may focus on a group of Jedi from the High Republic Era who are tasked with exploring the Unknown Regions of the Jedi. Each Jedi is said to have a unique Force power needed for the mission, and that they will face various enemies, including those who relish in the Darkside of the Force.

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