A little over two years ago a YouTube video captured the minds of children thanks to its trance-like lyrics about Daddy, Mommy, and Baby sharks. The video has literally been seen over 2 billion times, which shouldn’t surprise any parent who has a kid and lets them use YouTube Kids. Once a child finds a video they like they’ll play it until your ears bleed, and the “Baby Shark” video definitely falls in this category.

If you’re a Star Wars fan though there may be some respite from hearing “Baby Shark”. My buddy sent me a link to Joe Charman’s YouTube channel because he created a Star Wars themed take on “Baby Shark” aptly called “Baby Darth”.

Just like “Baby Shark”, “Baby Darth” features a very repetitive hook that may drive you insane after repeated listens, but at least you’ll go nuts listening to Darth Vader singing about angry Sith, and Rebel scum rather than hearing little kids scream about shark families.

Plus, the animations and lyrics are pretty fun to watch and listen to a few times, so proof watch “Baby Darth” below to see if you’re willing to have a new YouTube video played on repeat while your kid gets a little video crack time in.

May the Force be with you Star Wars parents!

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