The Knights of the Old Republic remake, the one game that was giving older Star Wars fans hope that we could see a return to the glory days of Star Wars gaming, has been shut down and shelved indefinitely.

Shortly after presenting the first demo of the project to the heads of Aspyr Media, design director Brad Prince and art director Jason Minor were fired, and staff was told that the demo wasn’t where they expected it to be at this point in development. Staff also mentioned that too much of the project’s budget had gone into making the demo itself, and the project was on an unsustainable budget path.

Another big issue was the development time versus the expected time of completion. When first announced, the studio heads told staff members and studio partners that the game would be finished development and released by the end of 2022, but at the current pace of development, staff estimated that a more realistic timeline would be around 2025. Insane to think that there was such a massive disparity between expectation and actual development time.

As for the fans, this is just another blow to the already small Star Wars gaming market. With Knights of the Old Republic dead and Star Wars Hunters delayed, 2022 will be another year with no marquee Star Wars title on shelves.

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