Yesterday on the livestream of the SWTS we covered the first cinematic trailer for Star Wars Hunters, which is a team-based arena combat game coming to the Switch, iOS, and Android in 2022. Today, we’ve got some actual gameplay footage to show off, as well as the roster of playable character that will be available at launch.

The gameplay above comes from Apple’s iPhone event yesterday, and while it is very short, you do get a look at the combat that the game will offer. It looks serviceable for a F2P mobile game, but I worry about the in-game purchases that will inevitably be in this game. The iOS and Android versions also concern me due to touch screen controls, but I’m assuming both platforms will also support controllers, because it doesn’t look like an ideal third person experience on a touchscreen due to the nature of the gameplay.

In addition to the gameplay preview, we also got a look at the nine launch characters, which you can peel through below.

You can pre-register for the game over on the game’s official site, and please do because it looks like gamers will get tiered unlocks depending on the amount of pre-registrations. The cinematic trailer can be viewed below.

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