When I heard about the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge addition to Disney parks, I was super excited as both a Star Wars fan and a Disney parks fan. It is everything I could have ever wanted. A mecca for Star Wars fans to visit and take in all that is Star Wars whenever they wanted to, but we recently received some more news around Galaxy’s Edge that adds even more intrigue and awesomeness to this new addition.

Batuu, the planet that is depicted in Galaxy’s Edge, is getting the full lore treatment from Disney. In addition to the slate of comics and novels coming out that expand on the lore of Batuu, we learned loads more about the lore of Batuu from an Entertainment Weekly article that released this week.

There is a ton of information in the EW article, but the most interesting aspects all focus around Batuu’s current position in the galaxy. The article reveals that the the First Order’s 709th Red Fury garrison has just landed on Batuu and it is causing a bit of a stir among the people of the area. Park workers will be trained on improvisation and encouraged to interact with guests in ways that Disney workers typically do not. They will talk galactic politics, give them opinions on the current situation in Batuu, and even have details about their own lives. All of this adds to the immersion that people will experience while at Galaxy’s Edge.

The geography of Batuu is particularly beautiful and is also the namesake of the central area of the expanse, the Black Spire. This section of Batuu is filled with long petrified trees that stand as pillars of a bygone era, but there is one, the Black Spire, that stand out among them all. Its onyx black coloration and centralized location makes this the centerpiece of Batuu.

Batuu and Galaxy’s Edge would not be complete without a section of the park dedicated to the good guys, the Resistance. Tucked away in a secret location that the First Order cannot find is the hidden Resistance base, marked by a Blue Squadron X-Wing and an A-Wing. There is something here on Batuu that both the Resistance and the First Order are looking for, but neither of them know exactly where it is. This item or object is so important that Batuu may not just be saved for Disney parks. In fact, it is heavily implied in this article that Batuu may be a featured planet in Episode IX!

All of this new information makes me more excited than ever to experience Galaxy’s Edge in its entirety. Add in all of the exclusive merchandise that will be included, and I will definitely be making my trips to Disney parks a regular thing.

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