Today, two potentially new Star Wars series popped up on socials thanks to an ad from Disney+ Spain, and a listing on Amazon.

The Disney+ ad lists all new content coming to the platform in September, and it features a Star Wars Galaxy of Sounds listing. It’s classified as a Disney+ Original, and will feature seven shorts. It’s due to release at the end of the month.

If I were a betting man, I’d say it’ll feature shorts that detail some of the more iconic sounds from the franchise, and possibly how they were created. It could also be very kid-centric, and teach more about the characters or props the short is about. I guess we will find out for sure later this month.

The other listing is for Star Wars: Galaxy of Creatures, and it popped up on a pretty fresh looking Wampa T-shirt from Amazon. The listing hints that the series will have 12 episodes:

Show off your favorite creatures from a galaxy far, far away with this adorable Wampa t-shirt celebrating Star Wars: Galaxy of Creatures. Star Wars: Galaxy of Creatures is a series of 12 animated shorts that explore Star Wars wildlife with heartwarming and hilarious vignettes. Available in youth and adult sizes. Get it in a t-shirt, premium t-shirt, tank top, v-neck, long sleeve tee, and sweatshirt, all right here on Amazon.

The curious aspect about this listing is that it doesn’t mention if the series will be on Disney+ or on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel. If anything, if it is indeed for D+, it won’t be releasing this month, because it’s not featured on the graphic above.

Nick and I will talk more about these shows on next week’s episode of the SWTS, so don’t forget to tune into the Star Wars Time Show on a weekly basis via our podcast platforms or via YouTube if you prefer the livestream angle. 

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