EA and Capital Games have put out a new video for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes to show off C-3PO’s kit and abilities.

It looks like old Golden Rod will be a support beast, because he synergizes with multiple factions, including the Galactic Republic, Rebels, Resistance, and Ewoks. I would assume he jives with droids too, but it’s not listed in the video’s frames. He’s basically another R2 in terms of how well he works with multiple factions, but unlike R2, who has a decent offensive ability, 3PO is more equipped as a support character. It looks like he has stacking buffs for his squad, as well as a massive debuff attack for enemy squads.

The C-3PO event is currently underway in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and you will need a squad of five ewoks to take him on. They’ll need to be fairly leveled up too, so get to leveling and modding those murder bears so you can earn Mr. Protocol before the event ends!

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