Rob Taylor is the artist behind Herofied, which is his creative home for re-imagining the imaginary. This site and its companion Etsy page feature some very intoxicating Star Wars art pieces to own, or just appreciate, so being a curator of all things Star Wars on the Internet, I wanted to share Taylor’s masterful work with other fans of that far, far away galaxy.

Rob’s style varies between pieces. I’d say he’s mainly a portrait artist, but again he creates other fantastical and highly stylized pieces, so he doesn’t just have one style. I really dig his helmets of Star Wars series, but it’s hard not to dig his portraits of characters and Star Wars ships. His shot of Darth Revan is exceptional, but so is the Inferno Squadron Pilot portrait. I’m telling you, it’s hard not to love all of his Star Wars work.

That can get expensive depending on your tastes, because Taylor offers nearly all of his work for sale through Etsy. You can get them printed on nearly every sort of material, but I have to say the metal prints are the most intriguing. If I could control my Star Wars toy buying habit I’d definitely be dropping some coin on Rob’s Star Wars art, so check out his gallery and appreciate what you see.

I’ve listed a few of my personal favorites below, and you can also watch how the magic happens in a really cool behind-the-scenes video.

Gallery Credit: Rob Taylor

Featured Image Credit: Rob Taylor

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