Yesterday on The Star Wars Show, the winners of the 2018 Star Wars Fan Awards were revealed, and among the winners there was a large representation of the Star Wars toy community that I proudly am a part of. In particular, three toy photographers I look up to and work with over at the Exclu Collective took home awards for a few of the featured categories, so I wanted to highlight their work.

First up is Trevor Williams, who goes by OneSix_Shooter on IG. This dude recreated the iconic poster for A New Hope using action figures and and actual Darth Vader helmet. It won him Best Poster and Best in Show this year, which he greatly deserved. Just look at his masterpiece below.

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😳😲 I won a thing! Words cannot express how excited I was to hear I had won something in the Star Wars Fan Awards 2018. Best Poster and Best in Show in the Visual Category just blows my mind. Always so grateful to everyone who bothers to follow me for this weird stuff and who liked and commented on or reposted this image. And now might be a good time to thank my beautiful, amazing wife (ok, now it's starting to sound like an actual awards speech!🙄) for putting up with me spending all this time in the basement! 😉 A HUGE congrats to my friends Jason (@workmoreorless ) and Isaiah (@blksrs ) as well as Carlo V. (@tx0666) on thier wins! This along with Luke-freaking-Skywalker @hamillhimself liking one of my pics has made the end of what was kind of a down year into something special. Ok, the music's playing me off – MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! ————————————– #starwars #TheBlackSeries #hasbro #starwarsfanart

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Next up is Zay Takahashi, who goes by Blksrs on IG. Zay won for Photo Audience Choice, thanks to his beautiful shot of him and his daughter cosplaying as Captain Rex and Rey respectively. When you see the shot below, you’ll know why he won this category.

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— PLEASE READ — – Today is the last day to vote in the @StarWars Fan Awards 2018! 😊 – LINK IN MY BIO! – I really want to thank you all so much for the love and continued support throughout. Each and every comment, like, and especially re-share was appreciated more than you will ever know!!! ❤️❤️❤️ – Win or lose this was such a great experience and awesome opportunity! It was so great to see so many from our community represented! Good luck again to you all! Thaaaaanks!!! 😊🙏🏼🍻 — #blksrs #starwars #starwarsfanawards #starwarsfanawards2018 #starwarscostumes #starwarscostume #tbsff #captainrex #rey #babyrey #starwarscosplay #hypeaf #disneystore #starwarsfan #ilovestarwars #starwarsislife #fanawards #daisyridley

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WE WON!! 😱😊 – Thank you all sooooo much for voting! I know for a fact, we could not have won if it wasn't for the outpouring of love and support from this amazing community! Truly honored and humbled to be the Audience Choice Winner!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼😊😊🍻🍻 – Huge congrats also to my good friends who won their respective categories!! 🏆👏🏼 – @workmoreorless @onesix_shooter – Thank you @StarWars and @Disney for the amazing opportunity! 🙏🏼😊🙏🏼 — #blksrs #starwars #starwarsfanawards #starwarsfanawards2018 #starwarscostumes #starwarscostume #tbsff #captainrex #rey #babyrey #starwarscosplay #hypeaf #disneystore #starwarsfan #ilovestarwars #starwarsislife #fanawards #hypeaf #daisyridley #thestarwarsshow #starwarsshow

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Finally, there’s Jason Yang, who goes by Workmoreorless on IG. Jason won the Spirit of Fandom award for his video short that recreates a 1980’s commercial for Star Wars action figures. He enlisted his brood to pull it off, which coupled with the awesome concept and dated looking video, is surely what led him to victory. Check out his winner below.

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Words can’t begin to describe what an honor it is to be a winner in the 2018 Star Wars Fan Awards! My short video that won the Spirit of Fandom award truly represents my love for the Star Wars Universe. . I couldn’t have won without the help of my kids (lending their ideas and voices) and the never-ending support of my wife who lets me “invest” in toys. I’m also incredibly grateful for all of you who support this creative outlet of mine. Thank you to everyone that voted, shared, and continue to like, comment, and engage within the community. . Lastly thank you to @starwars and @Disney for giving us the chance to share our fandom on this global platform. Also to @hasbro @hasbropulse for bringing us Star Wars toys throughout the years to be inspired by. . #starwarsfanawards #starwarsfanawards2018 #hasbrotoypic #starwarsfanart

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If you love Star Wars and appreciate fan art based on it, then you owe it to yourself to follow these toy photographers on IG. I dabble myself, so you can check out my shots over in the sidebar if you’re interested. I’m not an award winner though, so prepared to be underwhelmed after checking out the work above.

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