The final countdown has officially begun everyone. We know have the first footage and Title of Star Wars Episode IX, and boy it will throw you for multiple loops!

Let’s get into the breakdown straight away.

The trailer opens with a clear shot of Rey, Skywalker family saber on her hip, staring ahead at something. Luke’s voice is heard here, “We’ve passed on all we know. A thousand generations live in you now, but this is your fight.”

A very clear shot of the now repaired Skywalker family saber. You can see under Rey’s hand the new black casing that was used to put it back together. We can also clearly see the blaster that Han gave her in TFA. Is this an allusion to her dual lineage, Solo and Skywalker?

The shot changes focus and you can clearly see, and hear, Kylo Ren’s Tie Interceptor closing in on Rey from a distance.

Rey ignites her saber readies herself to take on a speeding Starship racing directly at her.

Clearly the signature gloves and cockpit of Kylo Ren and his starship.

Rey showing off some of her new Jedi skills. We can also see some modifications to the cockpit of Kylo’s ship, clearly visible in the orange highlights. This is the last shot from the desert planet, for now. No clear signs yet, but this could be a return to Tatooine.

Moving on to a new planet and new shot. We can see what looks like perhaps an A Wing flying into a new planetary location that isn’t immediately identifiable. Similar looks to Eadu from Rogue One.

Kylo in full berserker mode as he cuts his way through a warzone. You can see a First Order trooper in the background as well. Very red atmosphere in this shot. Almost seems like red smoke or some sort of red ion shield giving the environment that hue.

What was once destroyed is now rebuilt. Much like the Rey’s lightsaber, Kylo’s helmet has been rebuilt. You can see some furry hands that are working on it as well.

The hero shot of Finn and Poe. It looks like they are on the same planet as the opening sequence with Rey. Also, it looks like Finn might be sporting Rey’s old bow staff. Seems like she doesn’t need it now that she is a lightsaber pro.

Our first look at BB-8 and his brand new droid buddy, Dio! Looks like they are in some kind of repair shop/junk hut. Lots of stacked up parts and materials in the background. Could be at the new Resistance base or a quick stop along the journey.

Lando Calrissian back in the driver’s seat of the Millennium Falcon! A second before this capture, you can see Chewbacca in the co-pilot seat as well. Seems like Lando still has a feel for the old girl.

Back on the desert planet again, two shots back to back here showing what looks like a new land speeder style with wide outer wings and what looks like a First Order trooper flying through the air on a jetpack.

Poe, Finn, and C-3PO are on a skiff running away from the adversaries above. This vehicle definitely isn’t something from the Resistance, so we might be able to conclude that at this point, the gang has already met up with a local tribe that they are working with.

This shot is almost guaranteed to be Leia or Rey holding one of the medals presented to Luke and Han at the end of A New Hope. Han doesn’t seem like the sentimental type, except when it comes to the Falcon, so I assume that he would have left this family heirloom behind when he decided to leave Leia.

Our first look at Carrie Fisher, aka Leia Organa, in the trailer. She is locked in a very loving embrace with Rey here. We are also in a new location in this shot. The first time we see the jungle location that has been seen in many set pics.

The other side of the embrace seen above as a tear falls down Rey’s face. Clearly something has either happened or someone has found something out that is bringing about these emotions.

A hero ensemble shot here that is missing one key figure, R2-D2, who we did not see in the entire trailer. The team is assembled and looking determined at whatever lies ahead. Again, this looks like a new location based on what we can see. Not jungle as much of an open field, hills, and some mountainous background.

The remains of the Death Star. Nobody would have ever guessed that we would see this technological terror back on the big screen in the last movie of the Saga, but here we are. Based on this new reveal, the planet we are on could be Endor. Death Star 2 was floating right above the moon, and we know that Endor is a very green moon. The jungle we see in the shots above could be Endor as well, and this new terrain could simply be another area of the moon. Then again, with an explosion as big as the one at the end of Return of the Jedi, Death Star pieces could be anywhere in the galaxy. Also, this could very well be a piece of Death Star 1!

As the screen fades to black we hear Luke say “No one is ever really gone,” a line from Episode VIII spoken to Leia, but then we hear the vile, insidious laughter of Emperor Palpatine. This leads into the title reveal screen you see here.

I can’t fully describe my feelings in words when I saw this trailer. Tears were in my eyes from the moment it started and I felt pure joy. This is the end of an era, the end of a saga, and the culmination of a journey that began in 1977. Here we are, Star Wars, fans. The beginning of the end.

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