Hasbro, with the help of some Star Wars fan sites, not ours by the way, has revealed a few new Black Series figures coming this Fall, which are in addition to the Carbonized versions of Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper.

Thanks to Fantha Tracks, JediNewsUK, and Rebel Scum (if it ever comes back online), we now know that three cool new pieces of plastic are coming to the line if we all survive the pandemic.

JediNewsUK revealed an Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader for the 6″ line, and he looks fantastic. He will retail for $19.99 this fall.

Fantha Tracks got the Teebo reveal, and like Vader he too is coming out this fall for $19.99.

Finally, Rebel Scum got the mega hit reveal, because their site is currently tanked due to the rush of collectors wanting to see the 6″ full beskar Mandalorian Black Series figure.

Luckily Exclu Magazine got all the goods, so you can check out Mando below to see how he stacks against the new SHF Full Beskar Mando we posted about earlier.

At this time these figures are up for pre-order anywhere, so stay tuned for those details.

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