General Kenobi reporting for duty. If you are a fan of Star Wars Battlefront II or have been waiting for a reason to pick up the game, your time is here! Legendary Jedi Master and General of the Grand Army of the Republic Obi Wan Kenobi has been added to the game’s multiplayer mode for all to play.

General Kenobi is rocking his iconic Jedi Master garb from the prequel era movies along with his Ewan McGregor look. No word on whether or not we will eventually get an Old Ben skin from the OT days, but anything is possible with a game like this.

Geonosis is also coming to the game in the form of a multiplayer battleground. Geonosis features signature vehicles like the AT-TE assault vehicle and the desolate, sand filled landscape that marked the clone army’s entrance into the galactic war between the CIS and Republic.

212th Attack Batallion skins have also been added to the game, to honor the Clone regiment that General Kenobi commanded during the war, as well as the Shattered Armor General Grevious skin.

All of this content is available right now in game, and make sure to check out the video preview for a better look at all of the new additions.

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