The Cinematic Captures YouTube account has posted two videos, which I think are from Gamescom, that show off two new modes slated for Star Wars Battlefront II next month. These modes are Instant Action and Co-op. The former is a single-player focused take on the game’s multiplayer modes, a feature fans have been asking for forever. The second is a new 4-player co-op mode that aims to bring more teamwork to the gameplay.

UPDATED with video of the Clone Commando!

The first video below is for Instant Action, and it also has the new Clone Commando units in it. The footage features unfinished code, but still looks great and provides insights into what this mode will look like. I can’t personally wait to play this mode, as it was my favorite way to play the original Battlefront games on the Xbox.

The second video is for the new co-op mode, which also sounds intriguing to me, but alas, I have no friends to play with, so I’ll probably be sticking to Instant Action for the time being.

Both of these updates are set to release in September!

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