DICE and EA have released a really cool trailer for the new Capital Supremacy update that should be live in Star Wars Battlefront II today. The reason this trailer is cool, or unique, is the fact that it opens with a The Clone Wars-style opening. What I mean by that is that it features the same narrator from The Clone Wars who would recap the “adventure so far” before a new episode would began.

Trust me, if you’ve seen the cartoon, you’ll instantly realize what DICE and EA were up to when creating this spot.

In addition to that rad opening, the trailer details the game’s new Capital Supremacy update, which adds a new mode to the Geonosian map. This mode will also be set on the Pipeline Junction West map on Geonosis. The update will also add the ARC Trooper and BX Commando Droid to the mix.

Additional details on the update can be found below. The full update notes can be read over on the game’s site.

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