Star Wars has officially announced the return of it’s own video game division now called Lucasfilm Games. Lucasfilm Games will serve as the umbrella under which all new Star Wars games will be developed.

Before the Disney acquisition and the EA licensing deal, Star Wars games were either developed under or licensed through LucasArts, but since the EA deal, all AAA titles and multi-platform games have been developed solely by EA. Many fans will tell you that at the end of the day, the licensing deal with EA was a mistake and has only yielded 1 new title worth its salt, Jedi Fallen Order.

It will be interesting to see if the announcement of Lucasfilm Games will be followed at some point by an announcement that EA will no longer have exclusive rights to develop AAA and multi-platform titles.

Star Wars also dropped a little Lucasfilm Games sizzle reel just to build hype, but honestly, it is just all of the games that EA developed under their licensing deal.

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