Star Wars 15 is out now, and sadly it underperforms on many levels, but the worst aspect of it is that it doesn’t add anything to the War of the Bounty Hunters mini-series event.

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Hey now fans of Star Wars comics, while I usually like to point out some interesting new canon after reading a fresh issue, I regret to inform you that Star Wars #15 is rather devoid of anything noteworthy to discuss. 

It was a boring entry in the main Star Wars run, and a complete waste of a crossover issue with the awesome War of the Bounty Hunters mini-series event. 

Luckily for me though, this issue’s lack of engaging narrative will make this breakdown extremely fast. 

The issue spends almost all of its time following Luke on a mission with Starlight Squadron. To make a long story short, they have to shoot torpedos into a dormant volcano, and even though the task is similar to shooting torpedos into the Death Star’s exhaust port, Luke steady misses because he has a vision of Vader taking out Han during the A New Hope trench run. 

I mean that was the whole issue outside of the last page, which featured a bit of a flashback to content we’ve already seen from War of the Bounty Hunters #2. The only new content to this scene is the fact that Luke tells Leia he had a vision and he thinks Vader is after Han, which we’ve known about for multiple issues now, so like I said, there was zero movement for the Star Wars run and War of the Bounty hunters in this issue. 

Sadly the main Star Wars run has been the weakest out of all of the current Star Wars comics, and issue 15 may just be its worst. I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be completely useless though thanks to its War of the Bounty Hunters crossover potential. Oh well, I guess events like this tend to get dragged out to keep the hype up, but I’m hoping things get a bit more engaging in issue 16. Stories about Luke, Leia, and the Rebels shouldn’t feel like a slog. 

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