Hello everyone and Happy Labor Day! This week’s edition of the Top 5 Instagram Artists of the Week is actually going to be a top 10. Yes this is the first week we are doing a special topics version of the top 5. Our picks this week will be broken down into 2 categories: The Mandalorian D23 trailer and Dark Side Rey from The Rise of Skywalker D23 trailer.

Here we go!

The Mandalorian

credit @hawaiian_mako
credit @030079ar
credit @forcedadphotography
credit @roblevypixels
credit @daztibbles

Dark Side Rey

credit @augiestoys
credit @yingkeet0675
credit @wastuaji
credit @geirahod
credit @tinyepicphotos

Alright ladies and gentlemen, we made it. We have reached the end of the epic top 10 list, and all of these images make me wish I was even half as talented as the people who created them.

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