A new Star Wars biography called Skywalker: A Family at War has been revealed, and it will focus on the Skywalker family over the three generations that they were embroiled in galactic conflicts. The book is authored by Kristin Baver and illustrated by Matt Ferguson (cover art above), and as described on StarWars.com, it will:

“Examine the events that unfolded in the Skywalker saga on screen as well as through books, comics, and other canonical storytelling to give a detailed account of the lives of key members of the family amid their travails and triumphs.”


The text itself will encompass the prequel era through the sequel era and it will encompass biographical information starting with Shmi Skywalker and her son Anakin, and ending with Ben Solo and Rey. Again, this won’t be through your typical Star Wars fiction adventure lens, it will be told through a biographers lens, so it should be a very deep dive into the Skywalker lineage.

As Baver explains below, she essentially treated the Skywalkers as real people, just like the rest of us super fans do:

“From the outset, I knew I wanted to treat the family as if they were real people, with compassion and empathy, while simultaneously crafting an unflinching portrait of their accomplishments and their failures. These characters are larger than life yet so fragile and unmistakably human, and that comes into focus when you study how their actions impact the greater galaxy and their family.”

Kristin Baver – SW.com

The book is set for an April 2021 release, and you can pre-order it today from Amazon. You can also check out an excerpt and a few pages of images below.

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