Our friends over at the Exclu Collective have posted details and preview shots for two new collectibles coming for SHFiguarts next year.

The first collectible is none other than the Mandalorian himself from Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian, and he looks pretty great. I love that they gave him a soft goods cape, and not the usual rubber deals SHFiguarts goes with, same goes for you too Hasbro, stop that shit!

It looks like he’ll release next May, and he’ll run you about $60 without shipping costs factored in.

The next new offering is a web exclusive set, and it features Emperor Palpatine, two Royal Guards, Palp’s throne, and a few accessories. There’s definitely something off on this set though, especially with Palp. His whole head setup looks off, almost as if it’s too big. I also don’t like the full plastic Royal Guards, so luckily Hasbro has a great Palp with throne set at a much cheaper price. This set will also drop next May, and it will run you around $184.

As of right now you can only pre-order the Palp set over at nin-nin-game. Mando should be up at your standard importer sites over the next few days.

Make sure to check out Exclu’s coverage of other new SHFiguarts reveals from today.

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