There have been rumors that we’ve covered about Star Wars Detours possibly hitting Disney Plus to air the finished episodes of the animated series, but based on a new interview with Seth Green – one of the show’s creators – it doesn’t appear that the show will ever see the light of day after all.

Star Wars Detours, which was created by Seth Green and Matt Senreich, had 39 six minute episodes prepped for airing with another 62 written before Lucasfilm and all the Star Wars was sold to Disney. The sale effectively shelved the project so Disney could focus on its journey with Star Wars, but fans have held out hope that the completed episodes would at least be dumped on Disney Plus at some point, because why not, a bunch of other random old Star Wars content has, so why not Detours.

According to Green, it’s just not a series he thinks Disney has any plans for anytime soon.

“The most recent conversations I’ve had with anybody who would be in a position to say so say that it’s not soon.”

Seth Green – EW

In a follow up statement, Green makes it sound like it just may be too much work to reposition some of the now 10-year-old content on a Disney platform. I’m not sure if he’s hinting that some of the content was too over-the-top or what, but it definitely sounds like no one at Disney feels like taking on the process.

“Well, there are 39 episodes that were finished for broadcast, but we finished them almost 10 years ago, and so there would have to be a bit of reconfiguring of the existing stuff to make it something that Disney+ would release as a Lucasfilm offering. And the way it’s been explained to me is that there hasn’t been enough interest high enough up to go through what it would take to put it out, and that there isn’t an interest in releasing this content on Disney+ from Lucasfilm.”

Seth Green – EW

One would think that Green may be a bit upset that Detours may never see the light of day, even after all of the work put into it, but he’s not because in the end he got to work with The Maker himself.

“I don’t really have an emotional position because I got to spend four straight years making something with George Lucas, and my partner and I, and all of the people that got to work on it — the artists and actors and directors and animators — we all got to make something Star Wars with the guy who created it. And so I know over those four years that he was having fun, and that’s really all I care about. I got a priceless experience with one of my truest heroes, and got to see him laugh and enjoy all of the things that he had created, in a time before he agreed to sell them to somebody else.”

Seth Green – EW

You know, most Star Wars fans would probably agree with Seth’s feelings on the matter, but it’d still be nice to see their work in full at some point in time. There’s always the original trailer I guess!

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