“No one’s ever really gone.” Luke Skywalker taught all Star Wars fans this in TLJ and then it was doubly reinforced in TROS with the return of Palpatine. Now, another long dead force user may find his way back through the Force, if the actor has his way.

Samuel L. Jackson is ready to pull the handless body of Mace Windu off the Courscant pavement and toss him back into the Star Wars universe.

“That’s the same way I think about [my character Ray] from Jurassic Park,” said Jackson. “He’s somewhere riding around on a velociraptor with one arm… There’s a huge history of people with one hand returning in Star Wars.”


Jackson has always been an advocate of Mace Windu surviving his encounter with Palpatine at the end of ROTS, but to this point, we have no indication that the Jedi Grand Master survived his fall from Palpatine’s office window.

Given the current resurrection spree that we see in Star Wars, namely Palpatine, Boba Fett, and possibly Cad Bane, it is definitely possible that we see Mace return to the screen alive and ready to seek vengeance against his would-be killer. The most likely spot for his return in live action would have been the Kenobi series that is set to hit Disney+ in May, but unless Deborah Chow has been keeping the biggest secret in Star Wars history, that is highly unlikely to happen.

The next best place for a living Mace Windu comeback would be in animated form in the Bad Batch. The new animated series is wide open for prequel era characters to meet up with the Bad Batch as they look to make their way through a galaxy that is now in the vice grip of the Galactic Empire.

The only other option for a Mace Windu return would be through the Force in one way or another in any of the upcoming or currently running Star Wars properties. As of now, it is believed that Windu was not able to complete the training necessary to come back in Force Ghost form, but given the fluidity of the Star Wars narrative, that could be retconned with little to no issue.

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