Sam Witwer, who first joined the Star Wars universe as Starkiller in Force Unleashed, but became canonized in the franchise thanks to his voice work for Darth Maul in the animated shows, sat down with io9 to talk about the final season of The Clone Wars, and he offered up some pretty compelling anecdotes about what’s in store for the finale episodes.

Let’s just say that it sounds like the final four episodes of the show, which Sam describes as one big movie that should be watched in succession, will be game changing for Star Wars fans. In fact, he describes the script as being the best ever for the franchise.

“The finale, that script, was the best Clone Wars script that I ever read. I think Dave has done a really very very cool thing. When I say script I don’t mean—when I’m talking about the finale, I’m talking about the last four episodes because it’s really meant to be seen as a movie. These Clone Wars arcs that go on for three to four episodes, they could also be cut together as movies and they work as one story, but this one really is meant to be seen in its entirety together, more so than anything else we’ve ever done.”

Sam Witwer – io9

To clarify, he’s saying that the scripts for the final four episodes of the show, when combined and viewed as a cohesive film, provide the best ever Clone Wars narrative arc he’s ever seen. I’d say that’s pretty damn huge considering that he’s a legit fan that cares about the universe outside of getting a paycheck from it.

He goes on to say that the events that unfold will be shocking, and that they will have ramifications for the universe and characters.

“I’m very very excited for the audience to see it, because it’s consequential, it changes the way you think about certain things in Star Wars, changes the way you think about certain characters, and shows some really interesting core mythology stuff. I’m thrilled, and I’m shocked.”

Sam Witwer – io9

Now this is the kind of talk that gets my excited in my nether regions. I’m all about core mythology and being blown away, so I can’t way to experience what he’s talking about, and I hope he’s not full of shit. I’m down for being blown away a bit by a Star Wars tale, so bring it on Clone Wars!

The article closes out with Sam axing poetic about this final season being the last Star Wars content from Lucas himself, which is special and sad in the same light.

“What may be my most favorite thing about this, what we’re doing is, Clone Wars is the last George Lucas-produced Star Wars. To be able to finish George’s story is tremendously meaningful to all of us, so that’s really the big deal right there,” Witwer said, full of praise for Star Wars’ former master. 

“These are stories straight from George, and we get to execute upon them, and that’s kind of the end of the era. You have to appreciate that this is a crazy maverick independent filmmaker, and only one of his Star Wars movies was a studio movie. The rest, past the very first Star Wars movie, these were independent films that he funded himself. And Clone Wars was an independent production by an independent film studio, just a crazy guy with crazy ideas issuing marching orders to people like Dave Filoni, and through Dave to me. And here we are doing this again, and it feels very familiar. I thought we had lost this, and now we get to finish it. It feels really really great to finish the last George Lucas-produced Star Wars.”

Sam Witwer – io9

Alright, I’m jealous, how awesome would it have been to be a part of this show from the inside, rather than just as a spectator?

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