Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who is playing the live-action version of Sabine Wren in the Ahsoka series, posted an image of a gift the Ahsoka crew gave her that confirms a few rumored actors for the series, while also lacking signatures from actors who fans have speculated would be in the series.

Among the signatures, there’s also a Dave Filoni drawn portrait of Natasha as Sabine, so fans can get an idea of what she’ll look like in the series when it debuts in 2023.

Luckily, Reddit exists, so a few die hard sleuths over there combed over the signed poster you see above to figure out which rumored cast and crew members are actually working on the series. If you’ve been following some of the leaked cast announcements, then you will see some familiar names down below, but you’ll also not see some of the biggest rumored castings like Hayden Christensen, or the actors who may be playing Ezra Bridger and Thrawn.

While not confirmed to even be in Ahsoka, many fans believe Thrawn and Ezra’s inclusion is inevitable considering Ahsoka name dropped Thrawn in The Mandalorian and he and Ezra’s fates are linked via the finale of Star Wars Rebels.

Either way, many other rumored cast members were spotted on the poster, so you can check out the list below:

  • Dave Filoni – Enough said, he’s the guy
  • Rosario Dawson – Ahsoka
  • Ivanna Sakhno – Rumored to be playing a Merc named Astrid who has a choice to make.
  • Mary – Who could be Mary Elizabeth Winsted, who was rumored to be in the series and possibly playing Hera.
  • Ray – Who could be Ray Stevenson, another rumored cast member supposedly playing an Admiral.
  • Brendan Wayne – He is the main body double for Din Djarin, so Din is in Ahsoka, or he’s in another suit playing a different character.
  • Vanessa – This could be Vanessa Marshal, the voice actress of Hera, but highly unlikely that Lucasfilm would let her signature leak out this early. MEW has also been rumored to be playing live action Hera, so who knows which Vanessa this signature belongs to.
  • Shakira – This could be Shakira Barerra, who was rumored to be in the Ahsoka series earlier this summer.
  • RJ – Some are guessing Rian Johnson, but that seems a bit outlandish. Others think RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad, who hasn’t been rumored to be in anything Star Wars related.
  • Rick – This could be Mando Director Rick Famuyiwa, or just another Rick. The former hasn’t been reported to be working on Ahsoka.

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