Before we get to the spoiler alert, I want to be very clear that everything that will come soon will be considered rumors until verified Lucasfilm or Disney sources speak on this matter in an official capacity. That being said… SPOILER ALERT!!

If you don’t want any possible spoiler for The Rise of Skywalker DO NOT PASS!!


Making Star Wars has recently released a huge rumor concerning that final fight of The Rise of Skywalker and how Palpatine and Matt Smith’s mystery character might be involved.

Apparently, Matt Smith’s character, a still unnamed dark side acolyte, will be possessed by Palpatine’s essence and fight Kylo and Rey, finally teamed up. Upon defeating Smith’s character, Palpatine’s essence will then jump into the body of Kylo. Kylo will resist Palp’s possession enough to tell Rey to kill him. Rey does, and that is that. Kylo will sacrifice himself to prevent Palpatine’s rise and save the galaxy.

There is no confirmation from any official source on this story. As such, this should be treated as a rumor.

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