When MSW churns out rumors, they don’t mess around, so their latest is also a fun one to speculate on.

To make a long story short, Jason at MSW and the dude who runs Bespin Bulletin, have compiled enough corroborated information on Zorri and her role in TROS, to speculate on how she may be connected to Rey’s past. Apparently, she will link up with the good guys on Kijimi after something goes down with 3PO’s memory and whatnot, but she will also leave with them after things get hairy. This implies that she’s sort of a good natured character at this point in her life, even though she belongs to the shady world of thieves and bounty hunters.

When they leave it sounds like they’ll leave in Zorri’s ship, which is being described as very closely resembling the ship seen in TFA during Rey’s flashback, as well as the one in the TROS teaser. It’s also been reported that Rey even mentions how familiar the ship looks in the movie, further connecting Zorri’s ship to Rey’s past.

As MSW speculates, and I like their take, Zorri may have been working for evil forces back in the day, but when she was asked to do something shady with a little girl, she bucked the First Order or Operation Cinder forces, and dropped her off on Jakku. I like this take better than Zorri being related to Rey, because it just adds some cool lore to the trilogy, as well as Zorri herself.

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