There’s a new rumor from Making Star Wars on the possibility of The Mandalorian’s fourth season being converted into a movie due to the ongoing strikes in Hollywood that have effectively shut down every film and TV production for the foreseeable future.

According to MSW and his Lucasfilm sources, there are fears over Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni not being able to finish two seasons of Mando-verse programming that are going to be prerequisites for Dave’s already announced The Mandalorian universe movie event. This is due to the ongoing strike in Hollywood, and the feeling that it could last into 2024.

Apparently some Lucasfilm executives have floated the idea of taking The Mandalorian Season 4’s scripts and converting them into a single theatrical release that would drop after the announced Rey movie. Fans would miss out on Season 4 of the show on Disney+, but the core of the season’s narrative would be presented in a film, which in turn would lead into Filoni’s announced Mando-verse movie a year or two later.

Again, MSW reports that none of this is written in stone, and the length of the strike will ultimately dictate what happens with the planned Mando-verse TV shows, which according to the rumor are The Mandalorian Season 4, and Ahsoka 2. His sources have confirmed though that if the strike does extend into next year, turning Mando S4 into a film is the preferred move for leadership.

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